Cosmetic Dentistry on Veneers, The art and science of a Great Smile!

Madison, WI September 20, 2013 Dr. D’Hondt attended a seminar on porcelain veneers at the American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry in Madison Wisconsin, He also found time for the Wisconsin badger football game with his son Michael.

Implants. Are they right for you?

Dental implants are the closest replacement to an all natural tooth. They are placed in the jaw, integrated into the bone, leaving the surrounding teeth untouched. A dental implant has the exact function of a natural tooth as well as being cosmetically beautiful. Let Doctor D’Hondt educate you on all the benefits of a dental implant with a free in office consultation. Call today! (586)294-4455

The Beauty Of An All Porcelain Bridge

Matt from Almont is more than pleased with his new all porcelain three unit bridge to replace a missing tooth. Matt says, “I wish I would have gotten this done sooner”. An all porcelain bridge is the perfect solution to anyone wanting a aesthetic fix for a missing tooth. This bridge contains no metal which allows light to pass through as it would in a natural tooth. The lack of metal makes this fix work for those who may have an allergy to certain types of metal. Porcelain is also very strong material and can function in all the ways a natural tooth can. Here we have an all porcelain crown on the left tooth and the right is a natural tooth. See how the porcelain crown mimics the natural tooth in both looks and function. An all porcelain bridge is the most aesthetic bridge dentistry has to offer, making this the art and science of dentistry.

A partial denture without clasps?

Yes, a partial can be made without clasp, if the teeth adjacent to the space have crowns made with rings on them call ERA attachments. This allows a great smile without the metal clasp seen with many partial dentures.

Michael Thomas D’Hondt DDS, University of Michigan, 2013,

Michael Thomas D'Hondt DDS University of Michigan 2013On Friday, May 10, My son, Michael graduated from The University of Michigan, Dental School.
Since I also am a graduate I was with him for the Diploma and Hooding Ceremony at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. In June , Michael will head to Madison Wisconsin to do a residence
at Meriter Hospital. Michael I am so proud, and I wish you all the best.