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the gas nitrous oxide so your journey to your new smile will be in comfort.  If you live in Warren, MI, Roseville, MI

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Cosmetic Dentist: New Smile click here

With the aid of cosmetic bonding the smile has
changed. Now no dark spaces between the front teeth and the smile is symmetrical. Now there is no
reason to hide the teeth with a stiff upper lip. Let it
shine. This procedure took one hour and will change
will have lasting effects. You to can have your smile
changed, call the Fraser, MI Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Dennis D’Hondt DDS , for a pain free vist at 586-294-4455. Call now you deserve a great smile.
Nitrous Oxide can make for a relaxing visit, along with stereo head phones. No reason not to call.

Medical dental relationships

Poor dental health has been associated with cardiovascular disease in particular

coronary artery disease including stroke.  Also it has been associated with low

birth weight  in pregnant mothers.  In the older patients who may be bedridden

an association has been found with  aspiration pneumonia.  Therefor a healthly

mouth is the gateway to a healthy body.  Call Dennis D’Hondt DDS now at


Dental sealants w/o Biphenol A: (BPA) call Dr. D’Hondt 586-294-4455

Sealants are a thin plastic coating that protects teeth against decay. They are best when applied to the deep grooved molars
when the teeth first come in around age six. There is concern about a product in some sealants called biphenol A (BPA). BPA
has been linked to behavior and urinary development problems. The sealants we use , an Ultradent product contains no BPA. Cavity
protection at the Fraser Michigan office without the worry of BPA. Warren, Michigan residents do not delay call now 586-294-4455.

Wiseman and Wisdom teeth part at an early age

Most of us are born with a set of four wisdom teeth which we do not have room for.
Therefor these teeth may need to be extracted. The procedure involves much less
trauma when done at a young age. If you wait till your in your mid twenties the
teeth grow longer roots make the procedure more complex. Xrays are needs
to see the location of these teeth. All procedures have risks, including wisdom
teeth. These include swelling, jaw stiffness and numbness. See your dentist to
evaluate your wisdom teeth or call the Friendly Fraser,MI dentist. Dr. Dennis
D’Hondt at 586-294-4455. We cater to cowards!!!!!!

White filling the posterior composite no metal or mercury

The light cured white filling material has allowed us to restore your smile with style. It
is important to have tight contacts between the teeth to avoid food impaction. To
achieve this the sectional matrix contours the material to the natural form. All materials
have limits and composites are no exception. If more than 50% of the tooth structure
is lost the tooth should be supported with a porcelain crown. The best looking crown
you can have. Start your journey to good dental health. Do not hesitate. Call now
586-294-4455 .  These filling contain no metal or mercury.  Warren michigan now can

smile with syle.

Whiten that Smile for the New Year in six Weeks

Dental whitening can change your smile. With a molded dental tray the bleaching material Carbamide Peroxide gel can change
the shade of the teeth up to 6 shades. Amazing enough this is on special for 199 that includes upper and lower trays and
the Ultradent bleaching kits which includes 8 syringes. You deserve to start the year off right therefor call 586-294-4455 and
your on your way to a whiter smile. As with all bleaching materials sensitive teeth are possible. It feels like little battery shocks
even when you are not bleaching. The Ultradent product Opalescence contains a desensitization product  to make you more comfortable.
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year and Keep Smiling

Dennis D’Hondt DDS

Problems with the loose lower dentures call the Warren ,MI DDS 586-294-4455

The lower denture is always more trouble than the upper denture. Problems include floating, poor chewing and speaking. If you tried relines
bite adjustments and adhesive with limited success you should look at dental implants. Tradition and the new mini or small diameter
implants my hold the solution. Four small diameter implants can be place in the lower jaw each has a small metal
ball. Then the denture is fitted with four female metal housing units each with a rubber ring inside to snap over the metal
ball of the mini dental implant. Mini dental implants have been a game changer for the difficult lower
denture. Keep smiling and enjoy.