Macomb County Painless Dentist

What do most people fear about going to the Dentist?  Generally the thought of needles and drills are the two most feared elements of going to the dentist.  Dr. D’Hondt, the Macomb County Dentist, uses painless dental practices to help alleviate your fear and hesitation to your dental care needs.

Dentistry has come a long way over the last few years and there are many new ways to provide relatively painless treatment. For invasive procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction, biopsies and complex root canal surgery, nerve block are often administered.  To eliminate the discomfort associated with injections, topical agents are applied to tissues prior to the injection.

Nitrous Oxide or “laughing gas” for relaxation can often reduce the pain, fear and anxiety associated with shots and is used as well.

Although still experimental, laser technology may soon change the way dentists treat tooth decay. Currently, lasers are being used for soft tissue management and in other areas of medicine such as eye surgery and skin treatments. While initial efforts have experienced only moderate success, the use of laser technology could someday eliminate the need for intimidating drills and surgical instruments.

Dr. D’Hondt offers complete painless dental care including general and cosmetic dentistry, root canals, and crowns and bridges in a relaxing environment.  Give us a call today to see how we can help make your dental visit as painless as possible.