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The Beauty Of An All Porcelain Bridge

The Beauty Of An All Porcelain Bridge

Matt from Almont is more than pleased with his new all porcelain three unit bridge to replace a missing tooth. Matt says, "I wish I would have gotten this done sooner". An all porcelain bridge is the perfect solution to anyone wanting a aesthetic fix for a missing...

A partial denture without clasps?

Yes, a partial can be made without clasp, if the teeth adjacent to the space have crowns made with rings on them call ERA attachments. This allows a great smile without the metal clasp seen with many partial dentures.

The Immediate Denture WOW!

The transition to the full denture can be made quickly. The remaining teeth can be extracted and the denture placed the same day. In this case, Clay now has a smile that he is proud of. To address your dental needs, call Dr. D'Hondt at 586-294-4455 or at...