Finding a family dentist can be essential if you are searching for dental care for your whole household. If you are seeking a quality family dentist in Warren, consider Dr. Dennis D’Hondt, DDS. Here are some of the top qualities that set us apart as the best family dentist serving Warren:


Our team is passionate, and we want to offer an infectious level of enthusiasm as we treat kids, meet your family, and provide for your dental needs through exams and cleaning.


Everyone’s mouth is different, and each patient has their own individual needs. We know going to the dentist isn’t the most comfortable process for everyone. We want to make sure that we are creating a comfortable and attentive environment for our patients at any age.


We create a safe and comfortable space for kids and adults. From the waiting room to examination chairs, we offer an environment that can relax anxiety and fear, as well as help our patients feel their best waiting for and during treatment. 

Flexibility Our team offers flexible support for cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as payment options to suit your budget. We offer flexible financing and solutions to help balance the cost of care. We ensure that you can get access to every aspect of care that is necessary for your dentistry. Book an appointment with us today while we are accepting new patients.