If you are looking into cosmetic dentistry in Roseville, it’s likely that you’ve heard about dental implants. This procedure can surgically place a cosmetic tooth into the jawbone to permanently replace a missing tooth. These implants will not slip, make noise, or cause any type of bone damage. They can work as a replacement for one tooth, or they can replace a row of teeth in a bridge. If you are in need of an immediate replacement as a result of missing teeth, read on to learn more about this procedure.

Preparing for Dental Implants

A doctor will first provide a comprehensive dental exam with x-rays and 3-D images taken of the site where the implant is planned. A review of your medical history will also take place, and you will need to tell the doctor about any prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs and supplements that you are taking. Anesthesia options are available, and a treatment plan will be outlined on how the teeth will be replaced or implanted depending on the condition of your jawbone and remaining teeth.

Bone Graft

Bone grafting may also be required. This is often a requirement when the jawbone isn’t thick enough to accept the new dental implant. Providing a bone graft can produce a more solid foundation for the implant. A natural bone graft can remove bone from other parts of the body and implant it into the jaw. Synthetic bone grafts like bone substitute material can also support a cosmetic implant.

To perform the dental implant, an oral surgeon must first cut open your gum and expose the bone. Holes will be drilled into the bone to place the screw for the dental implant. The post serves as the root of the tooth and it’s drilled deep into the bone. While the post sets, a partial denture will be placed on top of the area.

Over several months, the jawbone will grow to create a solid base for the artificial tooth. After the bone growth occurs, the temporary denture will be replaced by a crown which resembles the look of a natural tooth. The entire procedure for a dental implant can require a few months, but the results are just as natural as your own teeth. Schedule your consultation for a dental implant with us today.