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Cosmetic Dentist: New Smile click here


Wow, With the aid of cosmetic bonding the smile has
changed. Now no dark spaces between the front teeth and the smile is symmetrical. Now there is no
reason to hide the teeth with a stiff upper lip. Let it
shine. This procedure took one hour and will change
will have lasting effects. You to can have your smile
changed, call the Fraser, MI Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Dennis D’Hondt DDS , for a pain free vist at 586-294-4455. Call now you deserve a great smile.
Nitrous Oxide can make for a relaxing visit, along with stereo head phones. No reason not to call.

Wiseman and Wisdom teeth part at an early age

Most of us are born with a set of four wisdom teeth which we do not have room for. Therefor these teeth may need to be extracted. The procedure involves much less trauma when done at a young age. If you wait till your in your mid twenties the teeth grow longer roots...